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Fence Building: What Are the Best Fencing Materials?

kayu-batu-calgary-fence Fences provide security, privacy and style to your home. If you are thinking of building a fence yourself, you’ll want a beautiful fence that will meet your needs and fit your landscape design. The right material for your fence depends on the look you want, the purpose of the fence and your budget. While it is possible to build your own fence, it is a great idea to have your fence built by a professional. Letting a Calgary fencing professional take care of the work will save you a lot of stress and save you money in the long term.

Wood fencing is a popular choice for privacy and exterior decor. When choosing what type of wood to use for your fence, consider the durability, price, your landscape design, and the fence’s functionality. Some of the popular wood options include:

Ipe Wood

Ipe Wood is one of the best fencing materials. A fence made from Ipe can take your landscape from boring to striking. You can expect your Ipe fence to last up to 50 years in good condition. The extreme hardness also makes the wood resistant to harsh elements, insect damage and decay. Maintaining this kind of fence is easy and you can coat it to maintain the natural color or leave it bare so the fence acquires a silver look. Ipe is also the best choice for the price when compared to other hardwood options.


Cedar fences are functional and attractive. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, rotting and insects. It is a classic fencing material, easy to seal and stain. Left untreated, your cedar fence will acquire a silver look.


Redwood is naturally insect damage and decay resistant. It features an open-celled structure with little or no pitch and resin, meaning it absorbs and retains all types of finishes and stains extremely well.

Southern Yellow Pine

This is popular soft wood for fencing. It is pale in color and very easy to work with. It requires treatment for outdoor use to prevent damage from insects and decay.

Alternative Fence Materials

Alternative fence materials offer beautiful and long-lasting options that require little maintenance. They don’t require sealing, staining and painting and are not susceptible to splits, warps, and decay.  Popular alternative fence materials include composite fencing, vinyl, stones, bricks, and metal. Bamboo fence panels are also an attractive and stylish option due to their strength, flexibility and renewability.

When it comes to building the perfect fence, what you end up with depends on the quality of materials and the quality of craftsmanship. You need to get both of these aspects right. Think First Construction are the experts in fence construction using all types of materials—including ipe wood. If you want the best in Calgary fence builders then choose Think First Construction. We build beautiful, high quality and long-lasting fencing in the Calgary, Okotoks and High River area. Contact us today to see how we can transform your outdoor landscape with a great fence and give you the best value for your money.

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