Landscape Features

Landscape Features That Transform Any Outdoor Space

kayu-batu-calgary-shed Landscape features are great additions that can expand living areas and transform any outdoor space. With the addition of a few features, you can transform a plain and boring outdoor space into a beautiful, stylish and family-friendly outdoor haven that can increase the real estate value of your home.

Here are some landscaping features that can instantly transform any neglected outdoor space into something spectacular and functional:


A gazebo is like a retreat a few meters away from your home where you can escape any time to read, talk, relax, entertain or just enjoy nature. A custom-made wood, metal or vinyl gazebo can transform your outdoor space. You can choose to have a modern, traditional or Victorian gazebo. Add furniture, potted plants and outdoor fabrics to style up your gazebo and create a peaceful place just for you.


Trellises are wooden or iron structures that add style, beauty and height to your landscape design. You can use them as support for climbing plants and flowers, for decoration, for privacy, or as borders between two sections. You can select an existing trellis design or have one custom-designed to fit your taste and style.


Pergolas are striking structures that enhance any space by adding style, beauty and dimension. Since these structures stand out from the rest, you can use them to set your overall landscape theme and style. A pergola creates a shaded walkway or sitting area making it perfect for relaxing out of the sun during summer.


Garden planters such as containers and pots are both beautiful and affordable landscape features for creating the perfect outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Use planters to accent a feature, create a focal point and add color and foliage to your landscape. They also provide the best solution for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers where space is limited. You can achieve the look you want with your choice of flowers, your choice of containers, and the arrangement of planters.

Arches and Arbors

arbor-think-first-construction Arches and arbors are landscape features that add to the beauty of your landscape. A garden gate arbor covered with flowers and plants can form the focal point. You can opt for a metal, vinyl or wood arbor depending on the effect you want to create or depending on the purpose of the structures.


Sheds are both functional and decorative, making them worthwhile additions to your landscape. Use them to store your garden tools and other equipment as well as to add aesthetic value to your backyard. The choice of shed material depends on your needs, preferences, budget and your overall landscape theme.


Signs as landscape features provide the best opportunity to draw attention as well as add style to a landscape. Landscaping signs are mostly used in commercial residences to advertise services, attract customers and provide directions.

A beautiful and functional landscape takes work, but it starts with an idea and a dream. Think First Construction can transform your outdoors with the addition of great landscape features, from gazebos, arbors, trellises, planters, signs and fountains to ponds, mini waterfalls, pergolas, custom sheds and more. Our qualified and experienced builders in Calgary will ensure that you have the outdoor space you’ve always wanted—sturdy, beautiful, enduring and durable, giving you the best value for your money.

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