“Think First Construction, I am completely thrilled with the professionalism of your company and workmanship of my stunning new gates and fence! Thank you for suggesting such a beautiful wood product to enhance my yard. Your attention to detail is outstanding, and your company is my first choice for my next project. I am looking forward to having you return to do more great work!”
Madeleine Grace Interiors

At first I was skeptical with Think First Construction. I haven’t heard anythign about them and I stumbled into them by sheer luck. I can honestly say that this company is very trustworthy, dependable and fair. I thought of using BBB best companies, but they are heavily overpriced, over advertised and don’t always follow thru with their work.

All throughout the process I was consulted on the steps involved. The team that Craig used were dependable and friendly. Even the drawings and blueprints this company used, surpassed my expectations. There were no hidden surprises. I couldn’t be more happier about our Oasis and that’s what I asked for. They did just a such a great job, that my deck is the envy of the whole street. I even used them to build my fence. A majority of my neighbors of my new community loved his work on my deck and they used him too!

You’re an artist Craig. Thanks for awesome work.

Tony K

I hired Craig to develop my basement and to finish & paint my garage. I was very impressed with his knowledge & workmanship, attention to the details, recommendations, and his commitment to finish the project on time even when delays were out of his control. I was kept up to date on the progress and any problems or concerns as they happened – no surprises! The cost actually came in under the original estimate.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Craig. I will definitely be using him for any of my future building or renovating needs.

Carol Robertson
High River

Craig has worked on two houses for me in the past couple years. One was a full renovation; removing walls, new beam for support, dry-walling, painting, and tiling were some of the major aspects of the job.

In the second house Craig upgraded two bathrooms – tiling, painting and new fixtures and also painted throughout the house – first preparing the walls properly so that they looked fantastic with the new paint.

I recommend Craig for any renovation or construction job that needs to be done.

He’s knowledgeable, thorough and will complete the work within the time frame and budget he gives you. He is also a very nice guy!

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Craig again. You will be very happy with his work and work ethics.

Kathi Bridge

It is with considerable pleasure that we agreed to write this letter of recommendation for Craig Smith. Before you read further in this letter, please let me state unequivocally that we urge you to hire Craig. Our experience tells us that it will be the best decision you make for your renovation.

We hired Craig to assist us with the renovation of our home in Lake Country, B.C., in August 2010. Craig served as our general contractor and his services included general carpentry, flooring installation, tile installation, painting, and extensive finishing work. He also served as an important adviser on all facets of our renovation, including areas such as electrician planning, plumbing and general design. The quality of his work is undeniable and to this day we are grateful for his unwavering attention to detail.

We we appreciated most however was his ability to consider all aspects of our renovation project and to make valuable suggestions to improve the finished product. He served as a great sounding board for our ideas, always offering wise counsel and unbiased advice on a particular course of action. It was our desire to make our renovation as environmentally friendly as possible and Craig was very considerate of our preferences in this regard, researching several options for our consideration and always looking for ways to save us money if possible.
If your renovation will require several specialty contractors, I should note that Craig was also very adept at managing the work performed by the other specialty contractors we employed during our renovation.

We can say without any reservation that we were extremely please that we hired Craig. We are certain that our impressions of him have been adequately conveyed in this letter but if you have any additional questions, we would be please to answer them

Patrick and Sandra Schryburt
Lake Country, B.C.

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